NYC Mafiosi


Player Stategies & Ratings

“The overall design of this game is very slick and professional. It’s amazing how much the right music makes the difference between an okay game and a great one… I’d love to see a sequel to this game. 5/5 for a good game with an excellent soundtrack.”

SKUINEAPIG, Kongregate

“I personally took the peaceful route and became an entrepreneur, finished in roughly 45 days with less than 10 battles. Found the game brilliant, and the quality of animation is way beyond most flash games…”

AliG98, Kongregate

“I bought a district from one of the families and they decided to steal it back… I spent the next five minutes muttering “you just don’t f**k with me,” and “You have no idea what you just got yourself into,” until I finally took over all of their districts.”

LevaZ, Kongregate

“The computer can only do 1 attack a turn it seems, but you can do as many as you have the manpower for, and 35-40 guys can take a location. Take over 2-3 a turn, keep your bribes up, and eventually when the enemy is down to 1 location, just buy them out. I didn’t even leave Staten Island until pretty much day 15, and I was still finished by day 43.”

Shmanel, Kongregate

“The game is far too easy, but I like the idea and love the art direction and effort you clearly put into making the game look nice and play smoothly. This game reeks of class and it is delicious.”

Toksyuryel, Kongregate

Credits & Performance

  • 300,000+ plays to date
  • playable on Kongregate (3.7/5 rating)
  • playable on Newgrounds (4.1/5 rating)
  • published February 10th 2013
  • 1 year in development
  • [requires Flash player]


CASH. POWER. PRESTIGE. LIQUOR. NYC Mafiosi: the Prohibition-era Mafia Management Game!

New York City, 1929: welcome to the height of the American Prohibition. The Five Families have cornered the illegal liquor distribution in all five boroughs of the city. Your father, the Don of the Leonesi Family Mafia, is assassinated on the street: inheriting the crown, it is now up to you - as boss - to restore the supremacy of your Family and take back the streets that you used to own. Capo di tutti capi.

The city is corrupt from the inside out, however. The Politicians run the show, and you're going to have to keep them on-side if you want to succeed. Liquor distribution may be illegal, but nobody is gonna stop you if they're taking a cut of your profits. Bribery is only part of the game, but money goes far - and allocating it is a skill.

Start shooting up the streets, however, and you'll soon find yourself involved with a lot of unnecessary attention from all sides - especially the City Police - so you're going to have to be subtle with violence, if you want to make money.

Similarly, keeping your public satisfied is crucial because they're your main source of income. If you want to maintain those huge alcohol profits, you need to look after your community: violence on the streets will reduce the people's respect for your Family, making you less money in the long-term.

Keeping your districts stocked up with alcohol, to meet demand, is the most important thing of all - your liquor crates are ordered and shipped into the city Sea Ports at night by boatload, which means keeping a level of respect with the Dockers Unions that run operations on them. It's a thirsty town.

Your Family, the Leonesi Mafia, run Staten Island - the least-prestigious and smallest borough in New York City. Building up your districts, shipping crates of liquor, upgrading the quality of your alcohol, arming your mobsters on the street, maintaining your city connections, and going to war with the four rival Mafia Families are all part of your journey towards owning the entire city and achieving the title of Boss of all Bosses.